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5:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye! >>> on the broadcast tonight -- plan of attack? the u.s. now says it is undeniable that syria used chemical weapons on its own people. the secretary of state calling it a moral obscenity. is america about to strike? >>> the burn zone, now the size of chicago. one of the biggest fires ever in california. and is san francisco's threatened water and power supply out of the woods? >> early detection of ovarian cancer, one with of the deadliest and hardest to diagnosis. tonight a simple blood test that could save thousands of lives. >> and, about last night. the performance that left no doubt she is not hannah montana anymore. did she go too far? or was that exactly the point? "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in for brian. the white house tonight says there is no question they did it. calling out the syrian government over a chemical weapons attack last week that killed hundreds of syrian civilians. the language from washington today was exceedingly blunt. secretary of state john kerry this afternoon laying out the case f
. >> some cite the risk of doing things. but we need to ask what is the risk of doing nothing? >> tonight, u.s. warships are in position. will the president give the order to strike? "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in for brian tonight. the words and the signals couldn't be clearer. it is virtually certain tonight the united states will not let syria's alleged use of chemical weapons go unpunished. the president today said he has not made a final decision in the course of action, but the case for a u.s. military attack was spelled out in no uncertain terms by secretary of state john kerry. like a prosecutor making an impassioned closing argument to a jury, kerry today made a point-by-point assessment of the evidence against syria, and warning of the consequences should the world turn a blind eye. kerry offered new details of the chemical attacks and the assad government's involvement based on evidence he said was clear and compelling. he said any u.s. response would be limited in its scope, without american boots on the ground. and he revealed that more than 1400 p
>>> on the broadcast tonight from washington -- ready to strike. the u.s. prepare as military attack on syria, but tonight the house speaker tells the president to slow down. we'll take a closer look at the possible consequences of american military action. >>> remembering the dream. 50 years after dr. king's historic speech, a huge crowd comes here to celebrate, remember and inspire the nation to finish the job. >>> death sentence for the army psychiatrist convicted in the massacre at fort hood. >>> and air scare. a new warning tonight about the wildfire at yosemite and what it's doing to the air people are breathing so many miles away. "nightly news" begins now. >>> and good evening. i'm lester holt in for brian. here in washington, talk of war and peace at the lincoln memorial where martin luther king jr. delivered his famous "i have a dream" speech 50 years ago today. president obama headlined a chorus of speakers saluting the racial justice that changed this country. a lot more on that in a few minutes. >>> but first, the remmings in this city about a possible military at
the worldwide travel alert issued to americans overseas after u.s. intelligent caught wind al qaeda may be planning an attack against american interest. the threat is credible, but pinpointing the target or targets, officials are taking no chances. issuing a blanket travel warning and closing american embassies across much of the muslim world tomorrow. we are learning more about where the threats are coming from amid a shifting center of power. covering several angle, we go to kristen welker at the white house. >> officials say the threat could be coming from the arabian peninsula and the affiliate in yemen. in one of the most serious terror warnings in years, the state department alerted americans overseas that al qaeda could be plotting an attack and have their eyes trained on the arabian peninsula. it covers travel for americans, cautioning them to be vigilant at tourist sites and public transportation. in a statement they said terrorists may use a variety of means and weapons and target officials and private interest. it will stay in effect through august. chairman of the joint chie
b.a.r.t. headquarters. >> that's going to do it for us. >>> on our broadcast tonight -- judgment day for the man who held three young women captive for a decade. a dramatic day in court as one of the women bravely confronts her captor and the man described as a monster is allowed to speak at length. >>> walking free, despite warnings from the u.s. not to do it. russia has given a home to nsa leaker eard snowden and the showdown with the u.s. just got worse. >> new parts. the choice millions of us are making to get out of chronic knee pain and get new ones installed. tonight, dr. nancy snyderman on one of the most popular surgeries for americans. some who put it off for far too long. >>> and making history. a woman who has already broken barriers now on the verge of going where no woman has ever gone before. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. as it unfolded in court today, in cleveland, ohio, a live television audience was allowed to see a man who has been described as a monster, who for over a decade held young prisoners in his home. and during his long and rambling rem
>> thanks for joining us. we hope to see you back at 6 clk. >>> on our broadcast tonight, under fire. after a spike in wrongdoing by tsa agents caught sleeping on the job, stealing from passengers, and letting bags and people slip by checkpoints. >>> banned for life. that's what alex rodriguez is facing according to a league report from the world of baseball as talks continue to cut a deal and with a crackdown on cheaters under way. >>> the traffic jam at one of the most beautiful spots in the country. are we loving our national parks to death? and what summer visitors to yosemite may discover when they arrive. >>> and must see tv, the new network about to go national, aimed at a specific niche audience. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. they are the men and women in blue. it is an unmistakable bright blue, and frequent fliers know them instantly as the people standing between us passengers and actually boarding an airplane. there was no tsa before 9/11 and they have grown big and powerful in just the years since. most of the time they do their work without incident,
that the syrian government used cmical weapons on its own people. with u.s. war ships in striking distance, iran warns washington not to intervene. >>> warning signs, a new program is teaching teachers how to spot trouble signs in trouble students. >>> and higher calling, the people's pope is reaching out a in new and unexpected ways. we'll tell you about the right et cetera kit in the pontiff happens to call you. >>> good evening. that raging while fire is growing in two directions now heading west and threatening homes forcing residents to vac wait and the winds tonight are not helping. gusts up to 30 mile an hour. the sow scald called rim fire is the largest in the country, less than 10% kapd. and it's producing dangerous weather patterns that can potentially trap some of the firefighters on ground. we're in california tonight. >> reporter: hi. cal fire says 4,000 firefighters are now assigned to this fire. preposition strike teams here. we have another camera to show you yet another strike team that is comparing to defend this community as the afternoon winds now start to kick up. in norther
matters. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news is up next. >>> on the broadcast tonight -- state of siege. a deadly crackdown in egypt. tonight, hundreds reported killed, thousands injured after government forces move in to crush the protests. our richard engel with a view from the violent streets. >>> deadly crash. the fiery scene in alabama as a u.p.s. jet goes down. tonight, questions about safety and cargo planes. >>> diet soda. with sales taking a hit, the highly unusual ad campaign by coca-cola reassuring the public. but why? >>> and outside the box. the boy who showed what you can do with a little cardboard and a big imagination, inspiring kids around the world and making a whole lot of money. "nightly news" begins now. >> good evening, i'm lester holt sitting in for brian. the horrific images coming out of egypt all day capture a country rapidly spiraling out of control as the government made good on promises to disperse supporters of egypt's lawfully elected president who was ousted by the military last month. tonight hundreds are dead and thousands injured following the
and also, thursday. >> all right, one last look at the rim fire. thanks for joining us. "the nightly news" is next. >> bye-bye, see you at 6:00. ready to strike? the big debate at the white house over what to do about syria. >>> plus, an nbc news exclusive. a doctor on the front lines there telling us what he says is really going on. >>> state of emergency. in california, tonight an out-of-control wildfire the size of denver now raging inside of yosemite. >>> plus, a freak hailstorm and now the threat of flash floods. a wild weekend ahead for millions. >>> judgment day for the army major accused of a massacre at ft. hood. the deadliest mass murder on a base in u.s. history. >>> and gift of time. there's never enough of it. and what would you do if suddenly you had the time to do all of the things you really want? "nightly news" begins now. >> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. brian is off tonight. i'm lester holt. >>> there is word tonight the pentagon is drawing up military options to respond to thi
threatening san francisco's power supply. >>> searching for a serious strategy. with u.s. warships on alert in the mediterranean, the president looks for options after doctors inside syria confirm thousands were treated for symptoms of a chemical attack. >>> a manhunt is under way for the teen who allegedly killed a beloved world war ii veteran. >>> marching again, hundreds of thousands rally for jobs and justice today in washington, just as they did 50 years ago to hear dr. king's historic "i have a dream" address. >>> and a mayor's mission to revitalize gary, indiana, a town that has long been down on its luck, now signs of hope and healing are everywhere. >>> good evening. that huge wildfire burning in central california is growing virtually unchecked tonight as its impact is being felt more than 100 miles away. far from the firefight, the city of san francisco is under a state of emergency tonight because its water supply and hydroelectric power come from a reservoir near the fire zone. 2,700 firefighters are now on the lines backed by a relentless air assault, but working again to rugg
the program. thanks for joining us. we hope to he sue you back at 6:00. good night. heart trouble. george w. bush is hospitalized after a scare. the former president who appeared to be the picture of health shining a light on a problem faced by hundreds of thousands of americans each year. >>> outrage. as a man who admits to carrying out a massacre represents himself at trial, allowed to question the victims of his rampage. some say it's like being victimized all over again. >>> seconds from impact. puzzling new information about what happened in the cockpit in the final moments before a crash landing. tonight, it's raising a lot of questions. >>> and the fatal attraction that's threatening the way of life on the water. what's drawing so many sharks way too close to a popular summer spot? "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. brian is off tonight. i'm lester holt. >>> former president george w. bush is hospitalized tonight, recovering from a procedure to open up a blocked artery in his heart. doctors discovered the blockage during a routine exam and placed a stent in the artery. it's
the story and the other headlines at 6:00. thanks for joining us at 5:0037 >>> on the broadcast tonight, ready to go. the military signals its forces are in place and able to strike syria at a moment's notice should the president issue the order. .>> the measles outbreak linked >>> housing surge, prices are rising fast. we'll tell you how much more it will cost you today than if you had bought just weeks ago. is now the time to make your move? >>> and the dolphin mystery. along the east coast. why are so many of the beloved creatures turning up sick? tonight there's finally an answer. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening, i'm lester holt in for brian. there are a number of indications tonight that a u.s.-led military strike against syria could be launched before the end of the week. momentum for punishing action against the assad government has been building throughout the day, and as we begin here tonight, there are several new developments to report. the white house says it will release solid evidence that the syrian government ordered a mass chemical weapons attack on its own
its foot down and blocked the merger between american airlines and us airways, which combined would be the world's biggest airline. contrary to what those two carriers have been saying, the deal will reduce competition and force us all to pay more to fly. nbc's tom costello has a story from one of the airports that could be most impacted by all this, washington's reagan national. tom? >> reporter: hi, lester. justice says if this deal goes through, this mega airline would control 69% of the takeoff and landing slots here at reagan national airport, and competition would be affected nationwide. for months, usairways and american had been promoting their merger as a big win for customers. >> we would not only become a bigger airline, but also something so much greater. >> reporter: but today, the government and a bipartisan group of attorneys general from six states and d.c. moved to block the deal, saying the new airline would be too big, reducing the number of big carriers from four to three. >> they tend to contract the market, so you have less routes, less choices, higher prices,
"nightly news" is next. >>> on our broadcast tonight, credible and serious. what u.s. officials are calling the most urgent terrorism threat in a decade or more. it has prompted a worldwide travel alert for all americans, and tonight we'll report on what has u.s. officials so concerned. >>> hitting home. jobs are up, unemployment is down, at a five-year low, stocks at an all-time high, but the numbers aren't exactly what they seem. >>> on the field for a minor league game tonight, but could it be the last at-bat for alex rodriguez, who is facing a lifetime ban? >>> and gluten-free. now it's everywhere. the biggest food trend in a long time. but if you don't need to go gluten-free, is it worth it anyway for your health? "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. we have not seen anything like this really for a decade or more. tonight the united states has taken the unusual step of issuing a global travel warning for all americans because of a credible and serious terrorist threat. now, if you remember the frustration and the fear during those color-coded high threat alerts afte
have really learned from the newtown tragedy. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from decatur now with details. gabe? >> reporter: lester, all 800-plus students have been accounted for tonight, and no injuries have been reported. visitors are supposed to be buzzed into the school, but somehow the suspect got through. a terrifying scene in suburban atlanta. a reported gunman at an elementary school, children being quickly herded to safety, and dozens of officers swarming. >> why would you run into an elementary school with innocent babies? >> reporter: around lunchtime, police say a 19-year-old man wearing dark clothes walked into the front office at ronald mcnair discovery learning academy with an ak-47 and told the clerk to call a local tv station. as officers approached, police say he stepped outside the school and fired at least six shots. when police fired back, he dropped to the ground and surrendered. no one was injured. >> i'm in shock. i never thought something like this would happen in my neighborhood, period. >> reporter: for linda bell, it was three hours of agony. the
is growing. and from the pentagon, word that u.s. war ships are in place and ready to launch when the order is given. this fast moving chain of events all touched off by those horrific images of dead and dying civilians that shocked the world. nbc's andrea mitchell begins our coverage tonight from washington. andrea, good evening. >> good evening, lester. administration's goal is to , punish him and stop him from ordering another chemical att k attack. hoping to prevent more deaths from devastating weapons, not seen in decades. and lester, fair warning, these latest pictures are very hard to watch. this is a different kind of war. a war that kills babies silently, suddenly, bathing them not in blood, but in the tears of a doctor. ghastly images of last week's attack. most too horrifying to show on television. emerging only today. this infant apparently barely a month old. and a new horror near aleppo, the opposition claims napalm dropped on civilians monday killing at least ten, wounding dozens. a report that has not been independently verified. in texas today, speaking to veterans, the vi
of people in there. any buddy who spoke with us asked their identities in fear ofd retaliation. one woman said police told her to begin with a fight inside that got worse. >> this area is real quiet trade nothing bad ever happens here. >> until now. a killing in a quiet neighborhood with many questions -- many questions. >> this is our home. we think we are safe and we are not safe area >> police are telling us that only the shooter and victim were inside the house and neighbors tell us some of the ones we spoke with, say no one heard any sound of gunshots at all in the area. normally, they say there's a lot of activity in that house. we asked about drug activity and they say they haven't seen any. there are many unanswered questions about this homicide tonight. say speeding is to blame for an overnight crash in annapolis. two cars were speeding when the roadway curved grade each car ran off the road and slammed into a tree. one driver was critically hurt and flown to shock trauma for treatment. one passenger suffered minor injuries. the driver of the second car was treated and released f
for u.s. interests and embassies around the world. >>> the rampage tonight. the driver who's accused of intentionally barrelling through a crowd of people on a boardwalk, killing a new bride on her honeymoon. >>> and where's the beef? the first test of the first ever hamburger grown in a lab. no fat, nothing had to die, but what does it mean for the future of what we eat?" "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. it's the most sweeping punishment to hit major league baseball. the american pastime since the chicago black sox shoeless joe jackson scandal almost a century ago. 13 players have been swept up and punished for performance-enhancing drugs. and at the top of the list of those suspended, alex rodriguez of the new york yankees, a-rod, fifth all-time on the home run list, highest paid star in the game. he's different in this case as well. his suspension for 211 games, remainder of this season, all of the next, all for the use and possession of performance-enhancing drugs and allegedly acting to cover it up and hamper the investigation. but he's playing tonight in chicago bec
's back country, u.s. marshal spotted suspect james dimaggio and 16-year-old hannah anderson. they were at a campsite by morehead lake. a desolate place surrounded by mountains. steep ground made it hard for the plane to land. hostage teams moved in carefully so as not to alert dimaggio. >> they had to land about a 2 1/2 hour hike away. when they were able to surround the camp, they waited until the two were separate, ensuring hannah's safety. that's when they moved in to make the rescue. >> authorities haven't said what happened when fbi agents confronted the suspect. they simply say one agent shot and killed him and that hannah was found safe and flown to a hospital. >> there's no way we would want our granddaughter to go through court trials and have to relive this over and over the rest of her life. we're happy with the outcome. >> reporter: the manhunt started a week ago today. investigators say dimaggio killed hannah's mother and brother, set his house on fire and kidnapped the 16-year-old girl. a big break when people stumbled upon him. >> kind of a gut feeling like they didn't b
>> that's going to do it for us. thanks so much for joining us. >> we'll see you at 6:00. getting out. new evacuations ordered as new fires explode across seven states, threatening thousands of homes. tonight flames getting dangerously close to some famous cities and towns. >>> warning signs amid a staggering new look at lyme disease. tonight what's behind the big rise and what you should be on the lookout for. >>> a survivor. a 12-year-old girl talks about the moment she was attacked by a bear and how she got away. the latest in an alarming string of attacks. >>> and fatherhood. prince william opens up about being a new dad, diaper duty and high anxiety over this moment with the whole world watching. "nightly news" begins now. this is n brks krr"nbc nightly brian williams. >> good evening. i'm lester holt sitting in for brian. reinforce mts are on tonight for firefighters trying to save thousands of homes from a massive infer no still burning in central idaho. it's the biggest and most dangerous of more than three dozen wildfires. late word is they're now burning in eight western
. using little water, crews utilize backhoes and chainsaws to clear an eight-foot-wide fire break around the blaze. >> we've got to get the ground troops on the ground to september fire from the fuel. >> the ground war is critical, but shifting winds today forced some teams to pull back. a firestorm could suddenly blow in their direction this is what happens when the fire is whipped by winds. at least 26 homes destroyed. dave matthews lived here for ten years. in less than ten minutes, h house was gone. >> the house across from me right next door to me, that was fully engulfed, there was nothing they could do when they got here. >> still threatening, 539 homes, the relentless blaze burning in banning has moved at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. >> it signinged my hair is got hot. >> miles away from idyllewild where the wildfire skorjed 11,000 acres last month. with 100,000 acres charred across california this year, double the number for this time last year. crews are battling an historic and deadly fire season out west. back in banning, it's too late for this neighborhood leveled by f
the penguin exhibit. >> they are cute. thanks so much for joining us. >> we'll see you at 6:00. good night. >>> on the broadcast tonight -- deadly force. the harsh new warning from egypt after yet more violence as the death toll from the brutal crackdown soars to more than 600. >>> how safe? a wake-up call on security at this country's nuclear reactors. how vulnerable are they to terrorism? >>> weighing the risk. the deadly impact of obesity, the toll on americans far greater than previously thought. and where in the country they're putting on the most weight. >>> and american classics. the legendary collection many never driven finally up for sale. have they got a deal for you. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt sitting in for brian. a day after its deadly crackdown on opposition protesters, egypt's government today vowed to respond to any retaliation with more deadly force. the estimated death toll from yesterday's armed assault on two sit-ins has more than doubled since this time last evening, now topping 600. and today as families claim the bodi
of people using prescription meds. tonight, who's desperate for a good night's sleep and why pills are not always the right answer. >>> and against the odds. beloved tv star valerie harper. tonight, meredith vieira is with her as doctors tell her something she didn't see coming. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in for brian. the u.s. tonight appears to have just lost a key ally as it tries to build consensus for a punishing military attack on syria. there's late word from london that britain's parliament has tonight against supporting an attack. but even as efforts towards an international consensus unravel, the white house is still pressing its case here at home for a military strike. in a conference call this evening, members of the president's national security team are briefing congressional leaders in what the white house believes is the syrian government's role in an attack. and the military response with or without international partners. we
can film. he lets us, saying they are just concerned citizens, defending their neighborhood from thugs and criminals. a few have guns and sticks and hide them when we try to take pictures. there check points all over cairo. one earlier today, they said they killed a suspected member of the muslim brotherhood after days of clashes. there is no vigilante justice. this man who is unemployed said his group will be out every night now. we don't hurt anyone. we protect our area. that's it, he said. cairo is splitting apart by neighborhood. some for, others against the military. order is breaking down in the biggest city in the mideast. among those arrested today, kate, was the brother of al qaeda's leader, an ally of the muslim brotherhood. >> there reports that the u.s. and allies were trying to, wo out a deal in receipt weeks to avoid the crack down we have seen in egypt. david gregory from "meet the press" joins us now. the u.s. is in a tough spot. what pressure are we seeing behind the scenes to take a harder line? >> are within the white house i talked to u.s. officials saying there was
, colorado. >> overseas a. deadly day for americans in afghanistan. the military says three u.s. service mep were killed in eastern afghanistan bringing the total number of foreign troops killed this year to more than 100, 78 american. it was ten years ago today that nato took command in afghanistan. >>> 18 didn't posted closed re-opened in the middle east and africa. but the city in cairo remains on edge as the standoff between the military and supporter rchz the ousted president continues with signs that a new confrontation may come soon. a report tonight from richard angle. >> reporter: barricaded and walled in. this is the groupsal mow in a nondescript middle class bit of urban sprawl near a mosque close to eept's main airport. mow haud morsi is still considered president here. he's only seen these days on posters. he's been locked away, location undisclosed since the military overthrew him weeks ago. this man has brought his 2-year-old daughter to the camp. >> [ inaudible ]. i want the -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the army has called on the protesters to go home for their own safety.
>>> on this sunday night -- on alert. after almost two dozen american embassies are closed, the u.s. goes further, tonight broadening its order in what some call the most serious terror threat since the 9/11 attacks. >>> boardwalk rampage. a california man faces a charge of murder after allegedly driving his car into a crowdof hundreds, killing a woman on her honeymoon and injuring 11 others. >>> up in the air. yankees slugger add ex-rodriguez about to find out how long he'll be suspended in baseball's highest profile scandal involving performance enhancing drugs. >>> back to school. means a big tax break for many parents shopping for school supplies, but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. >>> and fantastic voyage. as a group of american treasure hunters strike it rich, very rich, at the bottom of the sea. >>> good evening. just a short time ago, the state department announced it will extend the closings of some u.s. embassies in the face of a serious and credible, but so far unspecified, terror threat against american tro interests overseas. some two dozen embassies and consulat
's over. >> good weather for us. >> good night. >>> on the br t tonight -- y of rage. tens of thousands in egypt defy government forces, sparking deadly new confrontations. plus, is the u.s. indirectly aiding the crackdown? >>> back to school. at the scene of a massive and destructive tornado that killed dozens, the memories still raw and tornado safety still a big issue. >>> desperate hours. we travel deep into the idaho wilderness on horseback where the fbi tracked down that kidnapped teenager. tonight we speak with the horseback riders who spotted her and made the critical call. >>> and reversal of fortune. how a young man, once homeless, raised enough money in a week so he could head off to college today. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt sitting in for brian. the world can only stand by and watch in horror today as one of the most vital countries in the middle east spiraled deeper into chaos and maybe even civil war. in egypt, two days after hundreds of its supporters died in the face of a government crackdown, the muslim brotherhood made good on its prom
>> thanks for joining us. "the nightly news" is next. >> see you at 6:00. >>> on the broadcast tonight -- out of control and running out of cash to fight the worst fire >>> eyes of the world on the atroci in syria. new bombings in the villages where so many children died. and tonight, what could be new evidence. >>> the surprise moment live on the "today" show. the revelation that the man who exposed u.s. military secrets now says he is a woman. should he get hormone treatment in prison? >>> and telling her story. an nbc news exclusive. kidnapping survivor hannah anderson sets the record straight for the first time since her harrowing ordeal. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams". >>> good evening to our viewers in the west. i'm lester holt sitting in for brian. we begin tonight with a massive firefight across a huge part of the country. right now at least 51 wildfires are burning out of control, and there's word tonight the federal government is running out of money and resources to
. they've moved us back three city blocks fearing the sinkhole would continue to grow. the problem actually begins about 20 to 100 feet down where there's limestone. rainwater goes through the earth and hits that limestone, and it can cause it to dissolve. that is a recipe for disaster. >> we have a building that can potentially collapse. we don't know if it's a sinkhole or what. >> we need to know what room everybody was in. >> reporter: it was shortly after 3:00 in the morning, and maggie started her camera phone amid the chaos. she says it came without warning while on vacation with family and friends from virginia, she heard a single window pop its frame, then another and another. at first she thought it was someone in a fight. >> things flying, like glass flying. people jumping out of windows. luggage flying out of windows, people trying to salvage what they could. >> to me, it sounded like popcorn popping. pop, pop, pop. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: a security guard on patrol then began to run from unit to unit, in all evacuating 105 tourists here on vacation. >> there was people
correspondent kate snow is in dekalb county, georgia, with the latest for us. kate? >> reporter: good evening, lester. this school has a lot of security. a double front door, you have to be buzzed to get in. but the gunman was able to closely follow someone into the school. 800 children were inside the classrooms and yet not one was hurt. >> sounded like a shootout. >> reporter: a self-portrait of michael hill, who took an ak-47 assault rifle and close to 500 rounds of ammunition into an elementary school. >> do not let anybody in the building including no police. >> reporter: and today another portrait emerged of the fast-thinking school bookkeeper in the front office who dialed 911. >> he said he don't care, he have nothing to live for. >> reporter: she relayed messages from the shooter to the operator with hill darting outside to shoot at police. >> where are you? >> i'm in the front office. oh, he just went outside and started shooting. >> okay. >> reporter: three sheriff's investigators who specialize in high-risk situations were just feet away from the front door. >> i can handle anythi
. kerry, give us a sense of what all that water is doing. >> reporter: well, good evening, lester. more than 200 people here in tennessee were rescued by boat. the power of those flash floods is evident right here. this is the foundation of what was a one-story office building. those flash floods picked it up and deposited it over here in a parking lot. rain was predicted, but nashville residents didn't expect to wake up to this. eight inches of rain on already saturated ground sent water rushing down city streets and highways, forcing some to shut down completely. it began before dawn. >> a couple more inches and this area is going to be in trouble again. so hopefully this will slow down. >> reporter: but the water kept rising. >> i got up and looked out the bedroom window and i said, oh, my god. >> reporter: making it especially difficult for emergency crews to reach people who managed to escape their homes, only to become stranded. 911 calls began at 4:30 in the morning. at least 35 water rescues were reported. schools opened on schedule, but buses were diverted from flooded areas. b
for joining us here on a saturday night. and we do begin with those dramatic moments. flood watches across 16 states and the frightening and deadly scene that played out in colorado. you can see the water rushing down the mountainside. with incredible force. trapping drivers in an instant, including that man, right there in the car, tonight we hear from him, his survival story, and what he endured. meantime the images nearby, cars washed up on the road. headlights still on. the force of the flood waters so great, pieces of cars strewn everywhere. why that scene in colorado was particularly deadly. here's abc meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: clinging to life. as torrents of flash flood waters came stampeding down this colorado highway, this 70-year-old man tries to make a break for it. tonight, we know that he's alive and feeling very lucky. >> lots of mud and water just came right at me. >> reporter: that nightmare claiming at least one life, a man found buried in debris. his car not too far from him. this looks a beaten graveyard of muddy wrecks. businesses and homes annihilated. three
killed him. >> she is due back in court on monday. >> all right. tell us how you really feel, jane. let me bring in renee with big tv news about one of my x factor friends. her new reaction from co-star. are that are is cool. >> lea michelle coping with cory monty's death by throwing herself into work as the cast preparing for the tribute episode to cory. ane leading the parade celebrating nominees. one month ago to tv's biggest night. >> "extra," how are you? >> six episodes to go until the breaking bad" series finale. >> i had pretty interesting conversations. modern family's sophia vergara always in the conversation with julie bowen for emmys. >> sort of like she was born with the prize but i think she deserves the actual prize too. >> find out who winses that prize september 22nd on cbs. >> up next, "extra" is in london with one direction, total boy band. and breaking "dancing with the stars" news, which pro dancer just quit the show. maria is reuniting with her partner and dishing on the ballroom rumors. >> you have been giving kate's husband lessons. >> lady gaga's new york takeo
with that contract. [laughter] >> on basson of all the ravens, we want to thank the president for hosting us here. it is a great honor. i want you to know we have plans to be back next year. >> you're here for one reason. to celebrate your unity, and to ee something that most of your peers will never see. nd as far away as it is. right now it is at arm's length. meaning your ring is right in front of you. pick up the box. >> to the victors indeed go the spoils. you cannot replace that championship smile. you can't fake that. that is absolutely a thing of beauty. still to come on the show. we are going to talk with dean. there has been so much change in the off-season, most of it coming on the defensive side of the ball. we will talk with the ravens' defensive coordinator when show continues right after this. >> ravens kickoff is brought to m and t pty empty -- bank. by miller lite. a proud sponsor of the ravens. and by verizon. get nfl mobile only from verizon, the initial wireless provider of >> welcome back to ravens kickoff. a scary sight. the jolly roger, the front of it. it is something here
seidel tonight for us, thanks. >>> moving west, a big battle going on in southern california tonight against a wildfire that has blown up out of control with an army of firefighters trying to contain what is now a raging inferno. nbc's miguel almaguer is in banning, california, for us tonight. miguel, good evening. >> reporter: lester, good evening. i want to give you some perspective of the terrain we're in, what this fire is feeding on. acre and acre of bone-dry brush. take a look at this fuel. see how dry this is? it is the perfect fuel for this fire. it's charred across more than 11,000 acres, and it's growing larger every minute. >> if we can get some air support, anything at all will help. >> reporter: from the air, a moving monster. the so-called silver fire exploding out of control at a, quote, critical rate. >> several structures involved. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours, this inferno quadrupled in size. 16 square miles up in smoke. >> it hit here very fast. that wind started pushing that fire up over the ridge lines and before they knew, it was upon the community. >> rep
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to overcrowded prisons. he's telling federal prosecutors to use discretion in certain cases. our justice correspondent pete williams has our report. >> reporter: natasha darington had no criminal record when arrested for herping her husband sell cocaine. she got mandatory sentence serving 11 years in prison away from her four children. >> i wasn't there to help them grow up. i missed their birthdays, high school congratulations, i missed the birth of my first grandchild. i missed the funerals of both of my parents. >> reporter: the attorney general today said too many americans get long prison sentences that don't fit the crime. >> -- out-sized unnecessarily large prison population, we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, to deter and to rehabilitate, but not merely to warehouse and to forget. >> reporter: the number of inmates in federal prisons, 219,000, is 8 time what's it was 30 years ago and 40% over capacity. nearly half of there for drug crimes and roughly one-fourth of them were low-level offenders. holder today directed federal prosecutors not to report the amoun
virtually explode with fire before their eyes. nbc's miguel almaguer is covering the story for us. he is in haley, idaho, tonight. miguel? >> reporter: lester, good evening. that plume of smoke behind me about mile away is the heart of the fire. just in front of me is a sprawling community. what worries firefighters so much tonight is what is in between these two, acres and acres of dry fuel. explosive, out of control and now closing in on 2300 homes. the beaver creek fire is a monster, moving in multiple directions. >> this is an extremely fast and dangerous fire. >> reporter: feeding on forest land, dry trees are blow torches, shooting flames and hot embers 100 feet into the air. >> right now, it's, you know, looks like a bomb went off over there. trees are down and gone. >> reporter: thick, choking smoke is smothering three resort communities, thousands warned fire could be next. >> this is craziness. i mean, our life is in our vehicles right now. >> reporter: a region that depends on tourism is tonight a ghost town. greg loomis is a fly fishing guide. >> my business has fallen off
for the u.s. and russia after president obama abruptly cancels a summit with vladimir putin. tonight, what's behind the decision and what it means. >>> moving on. a house of horrors where three women were held captive is torn down as one of the victims rises up to start a new life. >>> pool safety. tonight the issue getting urgent new attention over those drain covers at the bottom of the pool. >>> and must-see tv. more than 30 cameras capturing their every moves in one of the best new shows in black and white. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt sitting in tonight for brian. while the cold war has been over for more than 20 years the growing chill of late between washington and moscow became downright frosty today as president obama called off his planned meeting with russia's vladimir putin. a response to russia's grant of asylum to admitted american spy edward snowden, but the split goes deeper than that and highlights the failure of the two most powerful men in the world to come to terms on dealing with everything from syria's brutal regime to arms control. mea
years of her life. nbc's john yang is in cleveland for us tonight. john? >> reporter: good evening, lester. tearing down castro's house was part of the plea bargain. he signed over the deed as part of the deal. when the house came down today it was a very emotion al event. in a little more than an hour workers tore down the home where three young women were held for 11 years. for amandaymamanda berry, miche knight and gina dejesus it may not be erased easily. knight gave out yellow balloons saying they represent missing children who never were found. she re-elised some in the sky. >> nobody was there for me when i was missing. i want people out there to know including the mothers that they can have strength. they can have hope. >> reporter: after the final wall fell, some neighbors prayed. knight spoke of her own faith saying he wants to be a messenger. >> i feel very liberated that people think of me as a hero and a role model. i would love to continue being that. >> reporter: since her rescue knight has chosen to speak publically at pivotal times. >> i'm doing just fine. >> repor
is the new family was at the doctor's office. stars, they're not just like us. that bag kanye is carrying, that's a $30,000 hermes tote. quite a diaper bag. >> kourtney making baby headlines too,. she released this d.n.a. test proving her boyfriend, scott disick, is the father of her son, mason. >> quite the controversy. a male model claiming he had an affair with kourtney and that mason was his son. well, so much for that. although scott is still not in the mood to talk about it. >> how do you feel about the results? >> everybody is happy for you, bro. >> the paparazzi catching up with scott after he dined with a social light petra ecclestone and her husband. no kourtney in site. sharon stone, sofia vergara three-way? one out-of-control hot scene. "extra" with your first look at the steamy trailer for "fading gigolo." >> sharon breaking down the moment she found out her co-star was the latin viagra. >> i was like, no way. >> that's awful. >> yeah. >> are you kidding me? >> the movie, written and directed by jon turturro, he plays a gigolo, woody allen is accidental pimp. >> 19 7 during
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throat ] can -- can you tell us... [ rustling ] did, um... did -- did any... [ clears throat ] individuals receive medical attention during hell-a? of course. we have two recovery rooms staffed specifically for people who, you know, overdo it. would one of those have been austin blair? okay. now, not to stomp on a dead kid's reputation, but, as we all saw e footage, obviously, austin was dipping heavily into his own supply. he crashed in a bathroom. he was brought to our doctor, put in a recovery position, on his side, to prevent him from choking on whatever might come up, and rehydrated with a saline i.v. and when he got to feeling better, i fired him. so austin recovered. yes. and i assume, at some point, he got in his car, and he drove home. really? follow-up, please? i have three witnesses who state that they saw employees of hell-a drag austin blair, unconscious, out into an alleyway. okay, really, this -- we never agreed to take questions implicating my client in criminal activities here. okay, okay, i think we need a break, okay? agent johnson? can we, uh... convene in
-off using tv guide's new list of the highest paid tv stars. my contestant, meg, red hair versus yours. >> courtney and i are a big winner. you go first. >> the question is who makes more, "ncis's" mark harmon o'"grey's anatomy" patrick dempsey. >> patrick dempsey. >> the correct answer is mark harmon, $525,000 per episode. our question, who makes more, jim parsons from big bang or "two and a half men's" ashton kutcher? >> "big bang theory." >> i saw the squeeze go on. >> he goes -- >> go on. >> ashton makes $750,000 per episode. "modern family's" sofia vergara, or jane lynch from "glee"? >> jane lynch from "glee"? >> sofia makes $175,000 per episode. a late night battle right here, jimmy fallon or jimmy kimmel? >> jimmy kimmel. >> fallon with $11 million per year. i would have gotten that wrong, too. >> with he both would have been wrong. >> guess what? we're complete losers. >> it's a tie. you were horrible. the new tv guide is coming out tomorrow. >> up next, hollywood's cutest kids revealed. strahan's girls, elvis' mini me grandbabies and the most fashionable twins. guess who? craz
here. but a lot of folks come from other places, as well. tell us about yourself. what do you do? i'm employed as a community outreach manager for a consumer protecon agency. yeah, and you'rere a singer. i do. i sing in our chur choir. yeah? what else do you like to do for fun? i i like to bake, cook, scrapbo, anything crafty. okay. i like to eat, too, so we should talk. [ laughs ] it's nice to he you here, dawn. thank you. erica petersen came all the way from gig harbor, washington. ye a newlywed. yeah, within the last year, yeah. yeah, tell us about the child situation here. well, we've got one little one at home and one on the way, yeyeah. good stuff. d let's see. u like to cook, rit? i do. my husband and i, we like to cook from different countries and kind of try out new foods. what's the most exotic thing you make? well, i don't know, but we've -- so far, we've done a couplele countries like fran, and we've done japan, and we just t do that. we kind of go through the countries, and we try to do something authentic. all right, good. yeah. well, let me know when you g get to liec
in 2011. >> hello. >> she has $400 to her name from her salary. >> regina here is going to tell us how well she knows her housewives. which tv housewife has not filed for bankruptcy? is it sonia morgan from new york, danielle from new jersey or brandy from beverly hills? what do you say? >> i think soniy morgan. >> all right -- >> i think sonia morgan. >> brandy from beverly hills because i would say she has her stuff together. >> well, vegas is correct because beverly hills brandi glanville has admitted because of her divorce with eddie she was left with little income or credit but she's never filed for bankruptcy. i would have guessed sonia as well. . abc's smash hit and rebel wilson superfun night cast dishing a juicy secret. >> confidence. >> then in this weekend's music pin -- meet eminem's new protege schuyler gray. >> we have a good connection. >> the outdoor portable chair from brookstone which is the lounge pack. it opens up and closes in 10ekds. it comes with two thermal coolers, 360-degree umbrella mount and a sound system that works with any smart device. let's rock it. >>
. to complete the story will be fantastic. >> the batman versus superman not until 2015 so you better get used to all the social media opinions until then. what, that movie will be huge. >> agreed. some breaking couples news friend, evaur good longoria. >> i was just with her and it's true, she's officially back on market. >> new pic of the newly single star out last night in l.a., ago, things seemed to be heating up with ernesto arguello on a spanish vacation. love. always ready for >> after four months, eva and dating showor love" contestant turned boyfriend called it quits, blaming their busy lives. french connection, docking in monaco where he's babyed to reunite with mama lauren silverman for the first time since she hammered million divorce deal. disneyland date for the beckhams. theirand victoria pushing kids in disneyland. doting dad and h & m model. celine dion and her hubby about to make bank. their florida mansion on the market for a whopping $72 million. has a giant water park, including a lazy river and video arcade. this weekend, tina turner husband,n her new ike., and her ex, sh
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